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—Who do you say I am (Cover)

I have been hooked on this song for a really long time now and i thought I would try to record it today. it is such a powerful song. 

The Moment I Worshipped a Mango

So I’m peeling a slightly soft - yellow- and delicious looking Mango over a trash can. The mango was so ripe that I didn’t need a knife to peel it. Now, if you are anything like me, you don’t like having strands of mango caught in your teeth so you slice large chunks off of the pit. Well, this time I decided I would make a beautiful craft by cutting away half of the mango in one piece. 

So I sacrifice my urge to bite away and decide to spend extra time on my craft of cutting away a larger enjoyable piece of mango. Finally, I have about half an inch to go until this mouthful of delight was free from it’s pit… 

Ever so elegantly I watched my knife slice through the last bit of surface. Finally! The flesh of the mango was released from its seed.

But then in a split second, I watched my beautiful delight drop in slow motion down into a filthy pit of decaying rubbish…. As I sat there looking at the glorious slice, I was disappointed. A part of me wanted to reach in and grab it.. But I let it go…. 

We as humans make sacrifices in our daily lives expecting a great outcome at the finish line. But even though we are repeatedly disappointed. We act insane and continue to pursue that which is harmful, unfruitful, and ultimately dead…. It’s as if we are desperately drinking salt water to quench our thirst. 

Unless we sacrifice and set expectations on something perfect and living We will never be satisfied. 

For me Personally, that perfect, living, and breathing factor has been Jesus Christ.. It works best when I put my entire being in Him…. image

Note to Self: Lesson to the follower

Reflecting on my life, I’ve realized that I have been stubborn and hurtful towards the people around me. Through those mistakes I have learned so much and still have a desire to grow in my weakest areas. This list was made to encourage myself and the body of Christ. After reading, it would be great if you would minister to me and others by making a list of your own. 

A good way to start is listing your weaknesses and then minister to yourself by telling yourself the opposite. 

1) Be thankful, loving, and generous. 

2) Leave space for the Holy spirit to guide

3) Knowledge of Sonship, perfection is not the goal.

4) Empower the Weak, and shamed 

5) See the best in the Entire Body of Christ. Get rid of “my way or the highway mentality.” 

6) Give discipline to restore, not punish. 

7) Remember the Grace over your life, therefore share that Grace.  

8) Lead from Beneath, not from above. (Wash the feet of your servants instead of asking them to wash yours.)  

9) Rest when you are tired but avoid apathy. 

10) Grace, Grace, Grace, Love, Love, Love, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus

February 21, 2013

Had a bit of free time before work  to update everybody on whats been going on in my life since my graduation in June of 2012. Oh how I wish to share soo much more but here is a small portion of my journey. 

But before that: 

I want to apologize to everyone for cutting off contact. I want you to know that I have not forgotten about you, neither do I dislike you. Truth is, I’ve been trying to move my life forward and a sacrifice I had to make was my time spent waisting… (All the hours sitting at a computer making videos and commenting on facebook) I’m learning to leave my childish ways behind… 

So I spent months digging in the word and asking God to show me whats next. Surely enough, God told me Honor your parents (It doesn’t seem like much but I said OKay).  I had no idea how to start until one day my Mom’s restaurant workers all happened to have to take a break from work because someone in their family passed away. Although I did not want to work I soon realized this was how I was supposed to honor my Mother. It wasn’t that I had to work for her but she needed someone to support her. Although at times I hated working, I picked up the mop, the sponge, and the knife and put down most of the things I loved to do (Soccer, Traveling, meeting friends). Eventually I would realize how thankful I was for having a mother who worked so hard to get me through college. Work was no longer stressful or hard but filled with thanksgiving. Surprisingly, it was here in the kitchen, I would encounter God in some of the craziest ways.

Around September I would find myself in another rut… I had no money, no gas, just the unofficial work at my moms restaurant + a small Clarinet lesson gig one of my mothers friends asked me to do.

I felt as if I were not growing, and I’ve come to a point where I couldn’t see where I was supposed to go. Again, I find myself weeping before the Lord asking what I was to do next. I knew my calling was to father nations but it didn’t make sense to me how a poor guy scrubbing floors at a restaurant would be able to do such a thing. In October I would hear God say, “I’m giving you everything back in double portions just trust in me.” The next day I have an urge to contact one of my high school teachers to see how he was doing. In my search of his email I find that the high school was searching for a JV Soccer Coach. It was in that instant I knew this is where it began…… 

I grabbed my keyboard and typed away at my resume, never really knowing how to write one and applied. Soon after I would hear from my Highschool teacher telling me, that the head coach asked of me and he put in a good word.

Few days later I was given a job as a soccer coach teaching 23  high school boys the fundamentals of soccer as well as life. Let me remind you I had stopped playing soccer for almost a year (Due to a torn meniscus.) Being able to run was something the Lord returned to me as a fulfillment to his promise of returning everything to me.

The season would end in February and I again was left with the thought what next… This time I just trusted in the Lord and sure enough I was notified that one of the staff members were leaving. He was a resident life dean watching over 75 international students. 

Knowing that my calling was to father nations, I’ve never been so confident that this job was mine. I go through the interview process and quickly was given the job.. 


Today… I practically live with 75 very special young men that come from different parts of the world. Everyday has been filled with opportunities to share about God.

If I’ve learned anything from this huge journey its has to be:

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight.


"If you’re faithful with the little, you’ll be faithful with alot"


Jesus You

There isn’t a song in the world that can describe how I feel about you.

Not even the one coming from my own soul. Even if I were in paradise made with a perfect body with perfect senses that contain all the sounds and colors of a perfectly designed spectrum. I still don’t believe that I would have a song to describe how wonderful you are to me.  

May the groaning from an all perfect, heavenly being sing for me instead. 

For my soul cannot sing.. 

My birthday wish

Dear friends and family, 

 June 9th will be my 24th birthday and I really want to do something special this year. No it isn’t a party, and it isn’t a dinner or anything like it. But this year if any of you guys are led to doing something special for me. I want to ask for you to sow into the kingdom. I can care less about gifts for me because I already posess the greatest gift of all, that is JESUS. therefore with a thankful heart I want to give back to the One who’s given everything for me. 

I personally would like to bless a ministry that has brought me closer to God. 

Many of you may have heard about it, but the ministry name is COLLIDE.

Few years ago I had no idea what love was. I then encountered God at a collide gathering on september 5 2010. NO, this encounter 

didn’t come from  laying of hands, or anything like that. It was purely God himself that fell on me. 

It was there where a supernatural understanding of the gospel made sense to me. All those years of foolish knowledge became an 

understanding to me. WORDS THAT BECAME FLESH if you will….  

Today I’m completely addicted to Christ. 

As Eddie James sings: ” a layed down lover…. A love sick warrior….”

I just want more of Jesus. 

For the beautiful King Jesus, 


Here is how you can donate 

Go to www.thecollide.com click donate, put in your info and in the memo leave my name. 

Just so that I can know that you blessed me I would appreciate it, if you showed me proof of donation by either screen shot or showing me the reciept. 

That would be soooo awesome. 

Congratulations my lil brother.  (Taken with instagram)

Congratulations my lil brother. (Taken with instagram)

Excuse me Miss….. 

Excuse me Miss….. 


I don’t want to be United with a system of discipleship a church put me under. Let me clash with my surroundings magnifying the uniqueness of Gods fingerprints. I desire to be united to the body ONLY by one common factor, that is Jesus Christ.

Prayer time at children of light. #zzz (Taken with instagram)

Prayer time at children of light. #zzz (Taken with instagram)